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Market Haul: Goat's Milk Cheddar Cheese

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Ask your local cheese maker to recommend a goat's milk cheddar that's right for your tastes. 

Some moments in life stick with you for so long they become lessons, words that you live by for a long time to come. A few years back, I visited the innovative and impressive Eden Village Camp in Duchess County, New York, shortly after their first summer season had ended. While touring the grounds, I learned that all summer long, the campers' rallying cry had been "try new things." Three simple words that I have tried to incorporate into my life every day since.

When it comes to food, trying new things can be very exciting — and surprisingly easy. For example, are you a cheese fiend? Instead of your usual variety, opt for goat's milk cheddar next time you see it for sale at your local farmers' market.

How to choose it
Goat's milk cheddar cheese isn't available at your everyday supermarket, but while it may be hard to come by, it's worth the extra effort. As with any cheese, opt for a variety made with high-quality organic milk, ideally from grass-pastured animals. Since goat's milk cheddar is such a specialty product, any type you find will likely meet your quality criteria.

How to use it
Like its cow’s milk counterpart, goat's milk cheddar comes in many flavors and varieties. Mild, aged, raw, pasteurized, smoked — choose your favorite and eat it straight from the package or use it in place of "regular" cheddar in one of your usual recipes. Or try one of these alternative preparations for pizza or frittatas.

How to store it
When it comes to cheese, many types means a range of storage recommendations, so your best bet is to ask your seller for specifics. In general, however, goat's milk cheddar should be stored in the fridge when not being served. Try keeping it in the crisper drawer for optimal freshness.


Have you tried goat's milk cheddar? How do you use it in recipes? Share your comments below.

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  • John H. 6 years ago
    Maybe it's a location thing. IDK. I am from Texas and goat cheese is available at every grocery store I can think of. The cheese section in general is incredible with cheeses from all over the world. We have also tried cheeses from sheep, camels, and yaks. It's a incredible range of taste and texture, but the true art comes with pairing it with various wines. I've also found it to be very true that more expensive if not reflective of quality or taste. Personal favorite: Zartschmelzend Wurziger.. a melt in the mouth, spicy, creamy, cow cheese. A little hard to find but well worth it. What ever you like or whatever you're serving, or cooking, try changing the cheese variety up.... it can change everything!
  • Mark c. 6 years ago
    I earn over 500 point. I donate all the point to HSES