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Market Haul

Market Haul: Goat Cheese

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Are you in the market for a fresh, tangy treat?

Cheese made from goat’s milk seems to be one of those things that people either adore or loathe. There’s seldom a middle ground. I’m guessing it’s the distinctive tanginess that polarizes people. Several Greenmarkets feature vendors that offer goat cheese, which have subtle taste differences thanks to each farm’s herd’s diet. The creaminess and tartness allows for surprising ingredient combinations and unusual dishes. Chevre-stuffed dates wrapped in prosciutto, for instance, or quinoa beet salad with walnuts. Whether you like the cheese or not, I think we can all agree that happy, pasture-raised goats are adorable!

Goats heading to pasture
Image © Consider Bardwell Farm

Are you a fan of goat cheese? In the comments below, share your favorite ways to use it!

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