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  • Diane K. 11 months ago
    Georga peaches are my favorate.
  • Barbara W. 11 months ago
    Donut peaches are harvested in the Spring it says...and this is the heat of the summer. I see things on TV talking about Spring planting , a little late for that. Lets talk about things that are in season NOW July /Aug.
  • laura A. 11 months ago
    Georgia peaches are my favorite, very juice.
  • Mark M. 11 months ago
    They're very tasty!
  • John H. 4 years ago
    WE bought some at the store. Very juicy and quit tasty. A little tart but we used them in homemade ice cream and I made a pie which was looking good and I'm sure would have been amazing had I not forgotten about it in the oven!!! LOL. These will be on our market list for sure from now on.
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