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Donut peaches, aka Saturn peaches, are smaller, sweeter, and less acidic than traditional yellow peaches.

When is a donut not a donut? When it's a donut peach, of course! Also called Saturn peaches, these delicious stone fruits get both names from their distinct shape. Donut peaches are smaller, shorter, and less fuzzy than traditional yellow peaches. They look as if someone took a peach and flattened it out, leaving a dimpled center surrounded by plump flesh.

Peaches are usually a summer fruit, but donut peaches are harvested in spring. They're sweeter and less acidic than traditional peaches, and they're less messy to eat. In other words, if you haven't tried them, now's the time.

How to choose them
The best fruits have smooth skin, are plump, and smell sweet. Choose peaches that are brightly colored and don't have bruises, soft spots, or wrinkling.

How to use them
Due to their small size and flattened shape, donut peaches are incredibly easy to eat fresh as a snack. If you'd rather use them for cooking, you can substitute them in any recipe that calls for peaches, just be aware that their flavor is less tart than other varieties. Try making a pie, a cobbler or even ice cream. And of course, who could resist making donut peach doughnuts?

How to store them
Store donut peaches at room temperature until they are fully ripe. To slow down the ripening process, place the fruits in a brown paper bag on your countertop. Once your peaches are ready you can keep them in the refrigerator, but be sure to eat them within a day or two.

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What types of peaches are your favorites? Share your suggestions in the comments section below.

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  • Diane K. 8 months ago
    Georga peaches are my favorate.
  • Barbara W. 9 months ago
    Donut peaches are harvested in the Spring it says...and this is the heat of the summer. I see things on TV talking about Spring planting , a little late for that. Lets talk about things that are in season NOW July /Aug.
  • laura A. 9 months ago
    Georgia peaches are my favorite, very juice.
  • Mark M. 9 months ago
    They're very tasty!
  • John H. 3 years ago
    WE bought some at the store. Very juicy and quit tasty. A little tart but we used them in homemade ice cream and I made a pie which was looking good and I'm sure would have been amazing had I not forgotten about it in the oven!!! LOL. These will be on our market list for sure from now on.
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