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Market Haul: Cherry Belle Radishes

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Cherry belle radishes are crunchy, refreshing, and packed with vitamins and minerals.

From white icicles to Easter eggs, radishes come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes. When I think of the peppery root vegetable, I picture cherry belles. This common variety has spherical roots with smooth, reddish-pink skin on the outside and crispy white flesh on the inside.

How to choose them
Look for radishes with smooth, round roots. If the leaves are still attached, they should be crisp. Limp leaves and wrinkled skin indicate that the radish is past its prime.

How to use them
Because cherry belle radishes are so healthy, I add them to all kinds of dishes. Sliced thin, they elevate the sophistication and nutritional value of salads, wraps, and tacos. Sauté them with other spring vegetables for a seasonal side dish, or try pickling to enjoy them for many months.

Don't let the greens go to waste! Use them as you would other leafy greens. Mix some sautéed radish greens into a pasta sauce, use them to make a broth, or throw them into your morning green smoothie.

How to store them
Chop the leaves and stems off of the radish root before storing your haul. In the crisper drawer of the fridge, the roots can last for up to two weeks. Greens are best when eaten within a few days, before they wilt.

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What are your favorite radish recipes? Share them in the comments below.

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  • m Mc G. 5 years ago
    my mom taught us to carve the top of the radishes and make them look like roses and then soak them in h2o
  • Marjorie B. 5 years ago
    I like to add the leaves of these and beets etc to my salads
  • Randy F. 5 years ago
    ❧ Since they have a zingy taste, they are most enjoyable to me when hungry and having a cleansed palate (no flavored food or liquid beforehand and never freshly brushed teeth) so I can taste the subtleties as well. They're great clean, cold, & crisp ❧
  • Cindy W. 5 years ago
    Can't handle radishes.
  • Sue C. 5 years ago
    Good to know. I didn't realize they were healthy. My mom would put them into macaroni salad but they weren't exactly my favorite vegetable in it. However this variety of radishes could very well have a different taste to them altogether.
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