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  • m Mc G. 6 years ago
    my mom taught us to carve the top of the radishes and make them look like roses and then soak them in h2o
  • Marjorie B. 6 years ago
    I like to add the leaves of these and beets etc to my salads
  • Randy F. 6 years ago
    ❧ Since they have a zingy taste, they are most enjoyable to me when hungry and having a cleansed palate (no flavored food or liquid beforehand and never freshly brushed teeth) so I can taste the subtleties as well. They're great clean, cold, & crisp ❧
  • Cindy W. 6 years ago
    Can't handle radishes.
  • Sue C. 6 years ago
    Good to know. I didn't realize they were healthy. My mom would put them into macaroni salad but they weren't exactly my favorite vegetable in it. However this variety of radishes could very well have a different taste to them altogether.
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