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Market Haul: Beeswax Candles

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A locally made beeswax candle adds warmth and ambiance to any home.

When I travel, whether it's a few towns over or across an ocean, I try to check out the local farmers' market. Walking the aisles and browsing the booths is a great way to get a sense of the place you're visiting. The locally grown and raised products literally and figuratively give you a taste of the culture.

If I come across a market that sells honey, there's usually a beeswax candle vendor nearby.

Beeswax is a material naturally produced in honeybee hives; worker bees use it for strengthening and supporting the hive structure. Just like honey, beeswax differs depending on where it's from and the types of flowers present in the pollination process. People have been extracting this wax and using it for candles for centuries. Candles that you'd typically find in a grocery store or chain candle shop are often made from paraffin, a material derived from non-renewable petroleum, coal, and shale.

At a farmers' market, the person selling you a beeswax candle is likely the same person who actually raised the bees that made it. As gift-giving season officially kicks off today, consider beeswax candles over their paraffin counterparts. They're more sustainable and often locally made. Plus, they omit a natural honey scent. How sweet!





Does your farmers' market sell beeswax candles? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Steven S. 1 year ago
    I'm in my mid 40's now, but I remember as a kid when you would ask a friend or schoolmate a question, and they would say, "None ya beeswax." I never thought about where the expression came from back then.
    • Nancy N. 1 year ago
      OMG so true and plus I still say that. This was a cool article and I too, will also look for the beeswax candles, of course they're in None ya
  • VICKI R. 1 year ago
    Would love to have some, can't find them here
    • Colleen C. 1 year ago
      If you don't have a local vendor, try either ETSY, or see if there is a local-ish farm who sells online (could sell on their site, ETSY, EBAY, ETC) Great way to support our farmers vs big business.
    • VICKI R. 1 year ago
      Thank you for the information, will do some research. I am always supporting my local farmers, not a fan of big corporations