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Market Haul: Apple Pie

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An apple pie on Pi Day is a must.

Apples and apple products are well-represented at New York City farmers markets, New York state being a major apple-growing region. I take full advantage of the local bounty, sometimes buying several pounds of multiple varieties at a time, but they don’t last long since I eat one nearly every day for breakfast (to keep the doctor away, but mostly because they’re delicious and convenient).

This day, though, is Pi Day. Accordingly, this weekend I’m picking up apples in pie form. Breezy Hill Orchard, my go-to cider vendor at the Union Square Greenmarket, makes a fairly priced apple pie with a beautifully irregular, golden-brown crust. Terhune Orchards, around the corner at the same market, sells equally beautiful pies, but with the bonus of two sizes to choose from: The standard 9-inchers and the cute 6-inchers. Pi Day is just once a year though, so I think a full-sized pie fits the occasion!

Does your farmers market sell pies? What type will you choose in celebration of Pi Day?

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