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Three Ways to Wear a Scarf

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Here are a few easy ways to style your scarf.

I’m a sucker for a good scarf. And trust me, I have plenty (more than I know what to do with, frankly). I usually do a quick head-wrap with a favorite scarf of mine when I'm on the go, or I will throw one around my neck to keep me toasty when the weather is frightful.

Now, I don't actually buy a ton of scarves. I’m all about “reduce, reuse, recycle” here. I have been pretty grateful to know people who work in textiles who have given me samples, and I get hand-me-downs from family and Goodwill alike. So friends, family, and thrift stores have me covered on “reduce” and “reuse”, and Ichcha is where “recycle” comes in. All of their scarves are both handmade and created from reusing waste material. They also come in a variety of bold and bright patterns, making them the perfect accessory during the gray winter months.

Below are a few super easy go-to ways to style your scarves, no matter the weather — modeled by yours truly.

The Loop-Di-Loop
I love this style because it basically turns your scarf into a chic fabric necklace. Just start with the scarf around your neck, with the ends on your front side, and pull the scarf so it's longer on your right side. Then wrap the scarf towards your left until you run out of fabric, and tuck the ends into your loop. Easy as pie!

The Crown
This is a new one I recently tried and fell in love with once I got my Ichcha scarf. A long scarf made out of thinner material is best for this style, just so you don't have too much weight on your head.

You'll start out much like you did with the Loop-Di-Loop, except the scarf should be against the base of your head. Make sure the scarf is even and the lengths on both sides are the same. Wrap the scarf towards the front of your head, twist, and then wrap the scarf back again. Then tie it in a knot and tuck away any extra ends. I like to keep my ears tucked under the scarf when it's cold, but that choice is up to you. This is an easy one to put your own spin on, too, depending on the scarf you're using.

The Classic Wrap
This one is surely familiar to everyone. It's the easiest way to wear a scarf and elevate your outfit all at once. You just start out the same as the other two styles, but there's no extra tucking-- once you've wrapped the scarf around once, you let the ends stay where they are. Quick and easy!

What are some of your favorite ways to style a scarf? Share in the comments below!

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Rachael Clemmons

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  • Surya-Patricia H. 2 years ago
    That scarf wrapping instructions were clear as mud. "pull the scarf so it's longer on your right side." Right side of what? "Then wrap the scarf towards your left until you run out of fabric," ???? "and tuck the ends into your loop" What loop?
  • Mary Lou C. 3 years ago
    By the time I discard ANY worn-out clothing that cannot be donated, it has gone the route of being washed and folded and stored in the garage for use there. I also use them to clean out my pots after use and certainly before planting. Of course, some of them are used in cleaning inside the house, everything from furniture, computer, etc. By now, the 'rags' are at a very soft texture. I keep and wash those with oil, or polish separate from the others. They also come in handy for floor spills and in cleaning the fridge. There are multiple uses. I read somewhere of a New England Proverb: Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!
  • Beverly G. 4 years ago
    I have thyroid cancer and just went through my second surgery so I wear scarves all the time. I've found some great ways on Pinterest but my favorite is to fold a long skinny scarf in half, put it around the neck so the loop is one side and the two ends are on the other. Put one end through the loop, twist and put in other end. Its simple, not too tight, and adds a little flare
  • Don M. 4 years ago
    Don't wear them . When I was a kid living in New York the winter were cold and always was sent to school with a scaf
  • marie c. 4 years ago
    I wrap scarfs around my lamp poles in my house.
    • Graceann K. 4 years ago
      can you put them over lampshades...are they safe?
    • marie c. 4 years ago
      I wouldn't recommend putting scarfs on the lampshade. Most fabrics are not flame resistant. A cfl light bulb doesn't burn at a high voltage. Its better to be safe than sorry. I was thinking of putting my kate spade scarf in a shdow box picture frame. What do you think about that idea?