Live Green and Earn Points


  • rhonda i. 2 months ago
    I have Mrs Meyer's dish & hand soap, as well as daily shower cleaner and all purpose cleaner. Like them all!
  • Sara T. 3 months ago
    I mostly use vinegar, baking soda, and good 'ol elbow grease. I cannot stand chemical cleaners with a sensitive nose and skin. I also save the netting that comes on meats/produce and use those as scrubbers! I just can't see spending a lot of money on toxic stuff to clean with. Vinegar and baking soda are cheap, work well, and won't kill me.
  • Gina L. 3 months ago
    I would like to see some of the best places and prices to buy quality reusable grocery and shopping bags. Any good suggestions?
  • June S. 4 months ago
    I question the truth about whether or not Mrs. Meyer's products are safe. All natural doesn't necessarily mean safe.
  • Linda W. 4 months ago
    I can't think of a nicer smell than the ones Ms. Meyer's products offer!
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