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For Table Settings, Chic Is in the Details

By Recyclebank |

Amp up the festive mood with little details.

So, you’ve got a great table setting, and you’re set for Thanksgiving. But how do you make yours stand out? Well, it’s all about the details. Sometimes, it’s the small things that can make your table look great. Read on for some eco-friendly tips and tricks to make your table setting the most chic— and the most sustainable.

Serve in Style
Liven up your table with bowls and utensils made from renewable or recycled resources. The Root Wood Bowl from Bambeco comes in a smooth wood finish, made from responsibly sourced fir tree wood, perfect for a centerpiece or a bread/fruit basket on your Thanksgiving table.

Full Circle Home Clean Again Recycled Cleaning Cloths are made for cleaning surfaces, but with such a great pattern, why not also use them as reusable napkins for your guests? You can use them for post-dinner clean-up, too. Just throw them in the wash once you’re done, and you’ll have avoided contributing paper napkins or paper towels to the landfill.

Refocus Their Eyes
Create a centerpiece of your own. I love plant-based centerpieces that upcycle items you already have lying around. For example, you could spray paint your old coffee cans and fill them with lush, long ferns, or repurpose this Bambeco recycled glass pitcher and fill it with holly or branches. The options are endless!

Alternatively, use a full and beautiful wreath as the focal point of your table setting. Try a table-friendly (read: not overpoweringly piney-smelling) twist on the classic evergreen wreath, like this culinary herb wreath, or you can even make your own with these DIY instructions.

Lighten Up
Want to add a little pizzazz to your tables outside? The days are shorter, yes, but opting for solar string lights like these, will capture what little light there is and will cast a soft glow over family and friends as you sit, bundled up, around a fire pit. Lighting is a small detail that can dramatically affect the mood around your table, whether inside or outside! Fortunately, solar energy is renewable and clean, and these solar string lights can be an easy foray into chic green living. Hey — a little goes a long way.

A DIY Placecard
I said it earlier: sometimes, it’s the little things that count. Adding a personal touch, like a DIY placecard, to your table setting is sure to charm your guests throughout the season. Again, try using what you already have on hand. You could decorate unbleached coffee filters with a metallic marker and your guests’ names, or gather dried leaves from your backyard and write guests’ names on them with a white pen.

What little details do you use to take your table settings over the top? Share them in the comments below!

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  • Michelle W. 4 years ago
    We give the guests name cards and let them create their own adjective in front of their name. Example Wonderful Wilma or try and stay with the holiday like Scary Sally for Halloween. It becomes a game and is a ice breaker for new guests.
  • Lana L. 4 years ago
    cool ideas