Live Green and Earn Points


  • sara o. 5 years ago
    Marcel is a brand that is 100% recycled. The thought of cutting down virgin forests to wipe everyone's butt makes me very angry - Why don't more people know. I noticed that Marcel used to advertise it was 100% recycled very obviously. Now it is in very tiny print - As if it is the least important thing about the product. Marcel is cost competitive with with every other brand. Is 7th generation really 12 rolls for $80???
  • Ruth C. 5 years ago
    Scott has T B with no cardboard tube that will stop some waste/
  • Carmen A. 5 years ago
    What kind of inventor was Joseph Gayetty? Is that a typo???
  • Geff M. 5 years ago
    Embrace double [sized] rolls, or even better, now i've seen t.p. rolls w/o a [cardboard] tube holder - yes, tubeless & sold w/o any extraneous materials.
  • Linda W. 5 years ago
    good points. I don't know if I can go without (he he) but I do try to conserve!