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A Pair of Sustainable Shades

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Stay cool on bright days with these eco-friendly sunnies.

WeWOOD Sunglasses in Crux Black
$120 from One Twine

I’m always — and I mean, always — on the prowl for a sturdy pair of sunglasses. A good pair always makes me feel more confident, whether I’m running out to get groceries or riding my bike around Brooklyn. And this pair, made by WeWOOD, is absolutely my style, and not only because of their perfect shape.

WeWOOD’s sunglasses are made primarily from natural cotton fibers, and because cotton is a renewable resource — as opposed to the fossil fuels that make plastic — it’s a great sustainable option. So you can still get a stunning pair of sunglasses, but made out of a unique, lightweight material that doesn’t have a drop of oil in it.

U.S. Energy Information Administration

What’s your eco-friendly way of keeping your eyes protected when the sun is out in full force? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Mary B. 3 years ago
    So, what about the lenses? Most sunglasses have a plastic-type lens.