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Greenly: Thaw Out Thoughtfully

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Simple tips for staying warm this season without touching the thermostat!

The new year’s off to a snowy start in the Northeast and I’m looking for ways to stay warm while keeping my impact to a minimum. Since I’m in an apartment, things like organizing an energy audit or sealing the ductwork may take a bit of time to coordinate so I’ve rounded up some small, easy ideas you can try in your home today, without even touching the thermostat!

Make a cuppa
Keeping your body warm is key when it’s cold outside. Make a cup of tea to warm up from the inside out.

Slip into some socks
Keep your socks on in the house! Energy often escapes through our extremities so keep your toes cozy with woolly socks or slippers can make a huge difference.

Lay down a rug
A rug will insulate from below and make your floors feel warmer underfoot. Even a small throw rug under your favorite chair can help!

Can you think of any other simple, easy ideas to stay warm this season without turning up the heat?

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