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Greenly: Holiday Table Décor Made Simple

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How to create a holiday tablescape using everyday items.

'Tis the season for family meals, merriment, and holiday cheer! For tips on entertaining basics, I turned to the team behind Franki Elizabeth, a Brooklyn-based event planning and floral design studio, to create a holiday tablescape using everyday items sourced from your own home!

Gather Your Ingredients
Get to know what you’re working with. Before you begin decorating, take stock of all of your “ingredients.” The colors and textures you have on hand should inspire and inform your design!

Beyond Flora
Nuts, citrus fruits, cranberries, and even garlic make for an unfussy, festive table runner.

Think Heirloom
There’s no need to buy new place settings or linens for your holiday table. Bring out your family heirlooms (or your second hand store finds) to add a bit of history and charm to your look.



Did you find décor inspiration for your holiday table? Share you favorite ideas in the comments!

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Natalie Ghio
Natalie Ghio
Besides composting, I love traveling, yoga, exploring new flavors, supporting local farms, and cooking for friends at my home in Brooklyn. more
  • Amber G. 5 years ago
    fresh flowers
  • Lydia B. 5 years ago
    I love the idea of using things other than floral arrangements for table decor.
  • sarah k. 5 years ago
    A vegetable farm in our co-op braided garlic, small onions and dried herbs into a lovely (and edible) swag. A tiny wreath circling a candle or filled glass vase with similar ingredients should look lovely on a holiday dinner table... that's my plan at least:)
  • Robin R. 5 years ago
    I have a set of off-white dishes and serving bowls, chip dip, bowls, and such I use for every holiday season. I just add different color placemats, napkins and an editable seasonal fruit table center pieces to add color to my table and buffet.
  • Carol S. 6 years ago
    when we recycle we keep the plastic lids from all of the empty containers, from shampoo (usually a pretty color) to milk and ice tea containers…we wash the lids and save them..when we have a sufficient amount we put them in an inexpensive clear vase and it makes for a nice center piece or clever conversation starter…it also makes people start their own!!
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