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  • Sharon R. 8 years ago
    Frozen tomatoes are often watery and require extra cooking time post-freezing. One way to reduce the wateriness is to hang the peeled tomatoes for several hours or overnight in a cloth bag over the sink or a pot. A lot of fluid will drip out.
  • Therese L. 8 years ago
    I love to can! Green beans, apples, tomatoes, grapes for jelly and this years various herbs I dried and will use all year. It is wonderful. I have not frozen tomatoes but I have canned them. I make apple butter and applesauce and my grandkids love to help peel the apples that they use for crafts. We try to use everything of the apple so we really do recycle everything!
  • anju g. 8 years ago
    i just wash , pat dry and freeze tomatoes as a whole. To use take out as many as you need, leave out to thaw or microwave if in a hurry.
  • Amie D. 8 years ago
  • sharon r. 8 years ago
    I freeze tomatoes every year!!! Just wash them, cut in half, & store in freezer.
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