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  • sharon h. 4 years ago
    This will inspire me to declutter my table....
  • lisa p. 5 years ago
    I have a pyrcantha tree also known a Fire Thorn. This time of year it is heavily laden with large groupings of small red berries. I cut the branches and gently wash the berries to get rid of dirt or bugs, air dry and then arrange them in a vase with Pomegranates, Green apples and decorative gourds. The added advatnage is the Pyracantha barries can be cooked down into a jelly by adding apple or white grape juice since the berries are loaded with pectin. Then you can added dried chili flakes to the jelly. Just be sure to follow instructions online because you WILL need to strain the berries through cheesecloth before cooking down their liquid. You can also simply compost everything in that display, taking out the edibles for a salad such as the pomegranates & apples. Those make a nice salad with fresh sliced fennel bulb and some shaved parmesan with a light vinegrette
  • Donna E. 8 years ago
    I like the fall leaves with the pumpkins. I've used fall leaves as a part of my Thanksgiving table the past several years
  • richard g. 8 years ago
    to 'make' Thanksgiving' or what!
  • Kayce W. 8 years ago
    So cool, I'm definitely going to use some of these this year
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