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Greenly: The Weekly Carrot Haul Doesn’t Go to Waste

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Here’s an inventive way to use every part of this everyday vegetable.

To be honest, I wasn’t very excited about the thought of another share of carrots this week (it saddens me to admit this now that I’ve experienced the beauty of the Touchon Deluxe varietal). I thought I’d already tried it all — shaved in salads, chopped into a mirepoix, juiced, roasted… the list goes on. Then, I stumbled upon a recipe for Carrot-Top Pesto.

Turns out, I’ve only been enjoying HALF of the vegetable. Believe it or not, it had never occurred to me to use the tender, fresh tasting tops. This pesto is an inventive way to use every part of the vegetable — talk about minimizing food waste!

Since the delicious recipe is so straightforward, it’s all about the quality of ingredient. The fresher the carrot, the better the pesto! Here’s to hoping for another bunch or two next week.


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