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Greenly: Recycling Thoughts From Hawaii

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A break from the cold weather doesn’t mean a break from recycling. Here’s a quick tip to bring your green habits with you wherever you go!

I escaped just in time to avoid the snow that’s blanketing the country (and am lucky to be relaxing in sunny Hawaii!) when it occurred to me that just because I’m on a sunny spring break, doesn’t mean I’m on vacation from being green.

It’s easy to make excuses when it comes to recycling on holiday. After all, a common perk of vacation is not having to think about anything, and eco-add-ons like recycling and green housekeeping may seem like a luxury your hotel wouldn’t necessarily offer. An increasing number of hotels are popping up that cater to the green-minded, though — even if that means just providing a simple recycling bin in the closet, or giving you the option to keep your towels and bed sheets in use for an extra day. If your accommodations make it easy to recycle or save water, there’s no reason to not help your temporary home and be eco-friendly!

If an accommodation doesn’t have on-site recycling receptacles, consider rounding up bottles, cans, maps and even those touristy pamphlets in a bag separate from your regular trash, to drop at a recycling facility. You can always ask your concierge for the nearest one! While it might not be the highlight of your trip, or marked as a point of interest in any tourism map, I’m finding it interesting to see how the locals recycle in Hawaii!

With spring break approaching, how will you green your holiday?

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