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Greenly: Pack it up

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Liven up your workday routine by treating yourself to a mid-day lunch worth savoring, packed in one of my favorite reusable containers!

Now that summer is unofficially over, it’s back to school, back to work, and back to the schedule. While settling into a new routine after months of sunshine is never easy, treating yourself and your family to healthy, hand packed lunch is one of those little things that can make a big, big difference during the day.

Whether it’s a hearty salad, sandwich, or leftovers from last night’s dinner – they all make for a lunch worth savoring. Plus, when you pack it in one of these reusable containers, you’ll be cutting down on packaging waste, too!


1. Don’t let this stainless steel carrier intimidate you! If you have a multi-course approach to lunching or snacking, then this lightweight, non-breakable option may be just perfect for you.

2. A simple Mason jar can be the perfect way to transport hearty, whole-grain salads.

3. 100% natural, eco-conscious, and vintage-chic, these Abeego food storage wraps are made from a hemp/cotton fabric infused with beeswax to repel water and moisture. The malleable wrap can be folded and formed around any number of shapes and sizes of sandwiches and snacks, and secured with a lovely little button tie.

4. I love this Appetite Lunch Box by black + blum because of it’s pod like features. The dipping area is great for transporting sauces and dressings, not to mention the inner dish allows you to separate certain foods from others!

What are your favorite one-container lunch staples? Share them in the comments below.

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