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The start of fall means it’s apple-picking season. Pick your own somewhere near you!

What’s the sweet upside of summer coming to a close? The start of Fall means it’s apple season. Which to me means it’s pick your own apple season!

While farms don’t often afford the public the opportunity to take part in harvesting the fruits of their labor, many orchards do welcome guests in the autumn months, offering us want-to-be-farmers the chance to roam the orchard grounds and fill our bushels to the brim.

Here in the Northeast, city dwellers flock upstate to take part in this seasonal tradition. But even if you don’t live in the area, there are tons of resources out there to help you learn where you can pick your own apples, wherever you happen to be.






This past weekend, I too flocked north to go picking. Connecting directly to a farm is a treat any time, any season — it’s an especially good way to begin to understand what goes into producing food. And I must warn you, once you go you’ll have more apples than you know what to do with. And that’s not a bad thing! Check back next week to find out how I’m putting my apple bounty to use.

Have any sweet or savory apple recipes to share? I’ll try them out and pick a favorite to feature next week!

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Natalie Ghio
Natalie Ghio
Besides composting, I love traveling, yoga, exploring new flavors, supporting local farms, and cooking for friends at my home in Brooklyn. more
  • lisa p. 3 years ago
    I miss apple-picking season the most out of all the fun things to do in autumn since moving to Los Angeles. The one good thing, however, is that our local farmers' markets often bring apples down from the north and we also get other late summer seasonal fruits and veg at the markets. The last of the fresh blueberries are almost gone so the apples are a welcome sweet treat. Soon it will be pumpkins! Don't throw out the seeds! Roast them, then take off the white hull to get the pepitas, the green seed inside and maybe even roast them again. Those are expensive items at the store but free with your fresh pumpkins! They are a wonderful topping to pumpkin based savory pasta sauces. I mix fresh pureed pumpkin, with cream cheese, a southwestern spice mix. I serve it as a pasta sauce and a thicker version over fish. The toasted Green Pepitas are a wonderful topping along with freshly grated parmesan.
  • Ruth C. 4 years ago
    Great activity for even little people. My 3 year old and 18 mon old loved it they could eat as they went no getting hanger as the day wore on.
  • Meg P. 4 years ago
    pears are good, too. :-)
  • Gina L. 4 years ago
    What is so sad is so many apple farms have closed in the 15 years. So many were unable to break even or have a loss.
  • mary w. 6 years ago
    We get them everyyear
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