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Greenly: Herbs at Home

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Growing herbs at home is easier than you think.

In my household, fresh herbs are more than a garnish – they’ve (slowly) become the star of many of my favorite go-to meals. They add dimension to salads, give backbone to my favorite marinades, and brighten up just about any green juice I blend together. So, this year I decided to plant a few varieties in my own backyard so that I’d have them at the ready every single day of the week. Check out just how easy it is to do!

Once the mint and cilantro have taken over your window box, here are a few ideas for putting your freshly grown greens to use.

There’s no right or wrong when adding herbs to salads. So, the next time your dressing up some greens from the farmer's market, toss in a handful of basil, parsley, mint, dill, or chives. Top it off with a simple vinaigrette and let the herbal notes shine through.

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with this variation of cilantro salsa. Perfect on just about everything, especially grilled fish and roasted veggies. IF you have extra, thin it out with a touch more vinegar and oil for a beyond flavorful vinaigrette.

Green Juice
Since I started juicing, it’s taken me some time to perfect the proportions for an easy-drinking green juice. Happy to report, I think I’ve finally nailed it. Try blending a bunch of kale, one whole pear, the juice of a lemon, a nob of peeled ginger, a dash of water and, most importantly, a few of your favorite herbs. Blend it up and viola!

Have you tired growing any herbs in your garden? If you have any planting, watering or picking tips to share, leave them in the comment box below!

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Natalie Ghio
Natalie Ghio
Besides composting, I love traveling, yoga, exploring new flavors, supporting local farms, and cooking for friends at my home in Brooklyn. more
  • Alina S. 2 years ago
    Use flat leaf parsley instead of parmesan on Italian dishes. Gives it a very fresh flavor.
  • Olga S. 7 years ago
  • Donna C. 8 years ago
    I started growing herbs about 3 years ago. I grow basil, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, and tarrigon. Tried to bring herbs inside for the winter last year, but they didn't do very well. I don't think they get enough sun in northern Ohio! But was able to dry them.
  • Stephanie R. 8 years ago
    love this
  • Sheri H. 8 years ago
    We grow rosemary, basil, oregano, chives, parsley. I'll be adding more soon.

    Use flat leaf parsley instead of parmesan on Italian dishes. Gives it a very fresh flavor.

    Mix chopped rosemary w/ olive oil and brush on salmon while grilling. Delicious.
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