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Greenly: For the love of tomatoes.

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New ways to prepare the fruit of high summer.

In a few weeks, we’ll be over the heat, over open toe shoes, and dare I say, over our go-to tomato recipe. While it’s hard to believe one could actually tire of the simplest preparation (sliced with flaked sea salt anyone?), the grandeur of garlic confit oil is sounding rather enticing after months of my usual MO.

While the market is still very much packed with beautiful heirlooms of all shapes and sizes, my own tomato plant is finally showing signs of life, reason enough to try out a new recipe or two.

Here are three mouth-watering ideas to try before we bid summer farewell. Click each dish for the complete recipe!

Shakshuka Green Pan Tartines & Garlic Confit

PS None of these recipes should be taken as the be-all-end-all. Take a flavor, technique, or idea from each and make it your own! I encourage you to play with your food.


Now it’s time for you to share your ideas with me! Post your favorite tomato recipe below.

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