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Greenly: Easy Summer Hair (Without a Blow-dryer!)

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Finish off the summer by giving your hair dryer and Mother Nature a break this season: Let the air do the work.

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s HOT out there. Blow-drying in the heat of summer is no fun. I’ve been trying to give my hair dryer (and therefore, my energy bill) a break this season by leaving the hard work to the sun.

Besides lowering your eco-footprint (a 1500 watt hair dryer uses 375 watt-hours of power every 15 minutes!), skipping the blow dryer will also protect your hair, preventing it from becoming brittle and frizzy.

To celebrate the end of the season, I put together a few of my favorite summer hairstyles that don't require a blowout. Which dryer-less look do you like best?

It’s the little things we can do to live a greener lifestyle that are important. This is just one of those little things you can do, without compromising your style!

What’s your summertime hair regimen involve? Share your energy saving tips with me!

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Natalie Ghio
Natalie Ghio

Besides composting, I love traveling, yoga, exploring new flavors, supporting local farms, and cooking for friends at my home in Brooklyn.

  • Aden P. 5 years ago
    I just towel dry my hair.
  • Laura M. 5 years ago
    I just moved to Arizona where hair dries super fast without a blowdryer, and i am SO excited to have nice hair with no effort!
  • Anne Lalli F. 5 years ago
    Since I started using shampoo bars my hair is not as frizzy. It is definitely softer too. Plus shampoo bars are a green alternative to shampoo plastic bottles. Try one at
  • Amy P. 5 years ago
    I have let my hair air dry since I was about 12 years old, which was QUITE a few years ago since I am in my mid 30s. It is rather thick and takes such a long time if I try to blow dry it. To me, it is a waste of time and energy. To this day I only blow dry it when I have a meeting or special occasion to attend, which isn't very often. I've found that limiting products and heat used on my hair has kept it soft and healthy through the years.
  • Michelle R. 5 years ago
    After I wash my hair at night I separate two sections and then roll each section twisting them up in lil buns on each side. Sleep with it overnite. I then spritz some kind of gel with natural oils for some shine and hold (if I don't have any it's no big deal, it just won't hold as well) but when I take them down it really is pretty like if I had hot rollers in my hair. Y'all should give this hairdo a try.
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