Live Green and Earn Points


  • Aden P. 8 years ago
    I just towel dry my hair.
  • Laura M. 8 years ago
    I just moved to Arizona where hair dries super fast without a blowdryer, and i am SO excited to have nice hair with no effort!
  • Anne Lalli F. 8 years ago
    Since I started using shampoo bars my hair is not as frizzy. It is definitely softer too. Plus shampoo bars are a green alternative to shampoo plastic bottles. Try one at
  • Amy P. 8 years ago
    I have let my hair air dry since I was about 12 years old, which was QUITE a few years ago since I am in my mid 30s. It is rather thick and takes such a long time if I try to blow dry it. To me, it is a waste of time and energy. To this day I only blow dry it when I have a meeting or special occasion to attend, which isn't very often. I've found that limiting products and heat used on my hair has kept it soft and healthy through the years.
  • Michelle R. 8 years ago
    After I wash my hair at night I separate two sections and then roll each section twisting them up in lil buns on each side. Sleep with it overnite. I then spritz some kind of gel with natural oils for some shine and hold (if I don't have any it's no big deal, it just won't hold as well) but when I take them down it really is pretty like if I had hot rollers in my hair. Y'all should give this hairdo a try.
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