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  • Rachel M. 8 years ago
    You can bake, fry, grill, or cook over a fire if you want to with cast iron. Its very easy to clean with soap& water and one of those stainless steel scrubbers.
  • Zaji X. 8 years ago
    I love my Cast-Iron. I have skillets, pans, Dutch oven, griddle, kettles even a tea pot. I grew up with my mother and grandmother using Cast-Iron. I have tried other pots and pans but was always worried about those coatings scratching and peeling. Looking into my food to see if I see any of the coating have peeled off and floating about in my food. Worrying if I was ingesting these coatings and what they were doing to my body. Plus Cast-Iron heats more evenly, will not warp or bend and can last a lifetime. I have found most of my Cast-Iron at thrift stores and flea markets. Some are hand me downs from my mother and grandmother. Food browns better, fries better, bakes better, tastes better with Cast-Iron.
  • TODD L. 8 years ago
    Cast iron pans make food taste so much better.
  • Jo D. 8 years ago
    I love my cast Iron pan. I would never use any other pans...So give them a try you will love them too...
  • Melisa P. 8 years ago
    I love my collection of cast iron skillets- almost everything I make is in them!!!
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