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Greenly: An Urban Farm Field Trip

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How a visit to this unconventional space gave me a new appreciation for a farmer’s bounty.

During the week, it’s easy to get absorbed by work. So easy, that some days I even forget to leave the office until I’m ready to head home. To combat this rather disconcerting tendency, I decided to start organizing mini fieldtrips and make time for inspiring experiences. My first fieldtrip on the agenda? Brooklyn Grange, an urban rooftop farm located just a few miles from the office. 4.3 miles to be exact.

The Grange (translation: farm) had been on my “to-visit” list for ages, so it seemed like an appropriate choice for my first outing. After just a short subway ride, I found myself in this unconventional space, struck and totally inspired by just about everything I encountered. The produce. The people. The flowers. The expansive views. See for yourself!

Field Trip to Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm

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I'm ashamed to admit that I'd initially dismissed the Grange's humble, street-level farm stand upon my arrival. However, on my way out, after seeing where those sungold tomatoes were procured, I took another look at the fruit displayed in front of me. It looked so different, so special.

When it came time for dinner, the usual arduous preparations were seemingly different. Deveining the kale, peeling the garlic, even washing dirt off the potatoes became a precious undertaking, an act worth celebrating. As it turns out, experiencing the origin of your produce is a powerful thing.

I was so inspired by my field trip; I can’t wait for the next. While there may not be a rooftop farm nearby, I encourage you and your family to plan a similar little outing of your own, however simple it may be! Suggestions for the next trip (mine or yours)? Share them below.

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