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  • David H. 5 days ago
    Here is my story....
  • Amanda W. 4 months ago
    We started with just a bin and it saved so much from going in the trash. We cut down to one big bag every three weeks. Now our town has a composting station which is nice. No skunks in the bin!
  • tommy b. 5 months ago
  • Sue C. 5 months ago
    I really think this is an important topic. I learned that composting is quite beneficial and really helps cut down the waste being sent to the curb. It was interesting to learn about the methane gas on food scraps being hauled off mixed in with other trash could actually be releasing methane. I have been composting for several years since it is really easy to do and it really produces some really good planting soil. Thank you for sharing all the great reasons for doing so.
  • Kerry O. 5 months ago
    Why don't cities and towns create a compost area in very park that has greenland/dirt (or the bin things if not) so that people who can't afford a bin or don't need the compost can give there? I know some areas have a Green Bin along with the Trash and Recycle bins, but those tend to be in more suburban and/or affluent areas, but many of them don't even bother to tell their customers that those green bins can take more than yard waste and grass clippings! With the amount of methane produced by rotting food, you'd think that an easy no-brainer like this would be happening all over.
    Also, question: if you can't compost, is using a garbage disposal for food waste better or worse environmentally? On the one hand it keeps it out of the landfills, but what if any detriment to the water?
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