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  • Jill B. 7 months ago
    I compost anything compostable. I started with a plastic thing that you spin. It had two compartments. I moved from the city to a very very rural area. Now I have built composters out of pallets. I do some layering. And I also do lots of vermiculture. The worms make the best dirt
  • Mary Lee R. 10 months ago
    Does anyone out there use worms for composting? I have a small kitchen.
    • Jill B. 7 months ago
      I have a worm bin in my kitchen. They are awesome-just remember not to over feed them, don’t give them anything gross, and add bedding to food like shredded paper. It’s like composting outside more brown than green stuff
  • tommy b. 11 months ago
  • Cynthia S. 11 months ago
    I bought a bin for composting lad year. So far, the breakdown of materials seems slow. Being patient with the process is key. Hoping to use this in my garden this summer.
    • Laurel L. 11 months ago
      Make sure that you get in there with a shovel or rake at least once a day and rotate/turn everything in the bin. If you're not already doing this, you should notice it helps a bit.
    • Cynthia S. 11 months ago
      Thank you. I have only been rotating the bin a couple of times a week. I didn't know it was needed daily. That's probably why breakdown is taking so long.
    • Laurel L. 11 months ago
      That's what we had been doing...only a couple times a week. I figured 'well, it probably won't help, but I'll try daily', and it seemed to help. Hopefully it helps you too! :-)
  • June S. 11 months ago
    So glad our county purchased a composting machine and takes food waste from restaurants and grocery stores as well as the general public. They have a drop off spot just a couple of miles from our house and we take our compostables up there about once a month. It's amazing how much we accumulate over a month's time. We keep it in the fridge until we take it up there; we don't have much freezer space. The county then uses the compost in projects around the county, so it's a win-win situation!
    • CECILIA C. 9 months ago
      Where is this?
    • June S. 9 months ago
      New Hanover County, North Carolina. And I just found out that compostable plastic bags can be used! Found a box of them at local Publix. It will be even easier now to drop off my compost!
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