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  • Sally W. 1 year ago
    Fill frozen food bags using 1 inch smaller bags. Fill those meat packages by using smaller packaging. Use smaller plastic bags in the produce section. Just following these guidelines would save money, energy, scarce resources, greenhouse gases and the environment.
  • Cher M. 2 years ago
    Thank you Gina
  • Cher M. 2 years ago
    When I click on an article that I Like, the "like "changes into "unlike". What am I going wrong?
    • Gina L. 2 years ago
      I was told you had 'liked' my post. I have no response. It is not giving credit. There is no choice for an unlike. Maybe you should go into your files delete the Recyclebank and download it again. Best of luck.
  • Gina L. 2 years ago
    Many of the packaging problems stem from government safety issues. Think back, or research, the Tylenol scandal. Now almost every food item must be secure to sell. It is not what anyone truly wants. It is what society has become.
  • Linda W. 2 years ago
    I am actually impressed by aseptic cartons, think of the long life they have, and how companies can recycle them - all we need now is to convince the collectors to recycle them... for instance, a fruit nectar I used to buy in the grocery store cost $4.00 a glass bottle, but I can buy it at the dollar store in aseptic cartons for - guess - a dollar! It is shelf stable for long periods of time, is more lightweight than the glass, won't break if dropped... I called my hauler about these cartons and they knew nothing about aseptic packaging! But they do accept it, just no one knows! I want this packaging used more, not less!
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