Live Green and Earn Points


  • Christine J. 1 month ago
    For anyone in CO this company is awesome and has numerous sites to drop your glass off at!
  • terry m. 10 months ago
    our town grinds the glass up and uses as fill for projects like sewer lines (so they say)not maybe ideal but the cost of transporting glass to a major city is more than the glass is worth.
  • Cambria P. 10 months ago
    I agree that it's a waste of time & energy to drive to a recycling center and have to separate glass by color. With our advanced technology this should be a no brainer.!!!
  • joanna l. 10 months ago
    I think that its ridiculous to drive glass to a facility (and to sort it by color first!) Does anyone else agree with me?
  • Linda C. 10 months ago
    I learned a lot about recycling from this site, kudos thanks for the information
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