Live Green and Earn Points


  • tommy b. 7 months ago
  • theresa e. 7 months ago
    thanks for everything ill miss my Q&A
  • Cher M. 7 months ago
    I have to say I’ve been using my mom’s handkies as well
  • tommy b. 2 years ago
  • Danica T. 2 years ago
    You forgot to mention that the paper industry is subsidized by the American taxpayer making it cheaper for them to log a new tree than to recycle already used paper. How? Taxpayer money is used to fund the US Forest Service who sells the timber on its public lands for less than it's worth on the market.

    The Forest Service also creates and maintains roads on public land for the timber industry; the timber industry doesn't pay them to do that. We pay. On private land, the timber industry is responsible for their own roads and for cleaning up any problems that they create.

    Also paper mills are known for their water and air pollution...and who pays for the pollution problems? We do. The cost of that pollution is not included in their products.

    How about encouraging people to, when possible, use cloth reusable wipes/napkins/handkerchiefs just like we did in the "old days"? It's a far better alternative not only for your nose, hands and tushie, but also for the fish, frogs, and humans downstream from the paper mill!
    • erica e. 2 years ago
      Love my ladies' hankies. Most were inherited from grandma, who used them when they were popular (and the only option). Keep a stash in the purse/car. They are more durable and versatile than wimpy tissues. They somehow do not stain (or the prints may hide stains), and they are pretty. Plus if one is forgotten in a pocket and goes through the laundry, it just comes out clean, not as a flaky mess. If you're single, lending a hankie is a great conversation starter and there's an excuse for meeting again -- returning the hankie.
    • Gina G. 7 months ago
      I have held onto these for years. Just lately I have been passing on to friends and family. They are most appreciated for a number of reasons, most of all sentiment.
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