Live Green and Earn Points


  • Chris G. 2 years ago
    I wish we didn't have to wash them because it wastes water. I do wash them though.
  • Lanette H. 3 years ago
    It makes me mad when I go to our recycle center and I have cleaned and dried all my recyclables and I see peanut butter jars and other items with food in them! I wish there was a camera there to see who is doing it, since that contaminates everything!!
  • Dawn A. 3 years ago
    Instead of just draining hot water from potatoes or pasta down the drain I use it to help clean those hard to clean recycles. I place pb containers or oily ones in the sink add a drop or two of dish soap then drain the hot water into each container. After supper I wash them out and it comes right out.
  • Deborah W. 3 years ago
    I always clean and rinse metal and plastics also glass. Yet - Why would they have to be completely dry when it rains outside - everything gets soaked - clean should be sufficient. We get a lot of rain here. I am learning new ways of cleaning recyclables without wasting water which I was doing. Work in progress.
  • Paula J. 4 years ago
    I was so happy when our small town got a recycling site. It takes most items, including electronics and glass! I definitely wash all peanut butter jars! I rinse all containers that had food in them and that includes my plastic zip bags. Unfortunately things like cleaning products never seen to be recyclable. One of my pet annoyances is containers and bags which look like they should be recycled but have no marks to distinguish them. If a company uses such things does adding the symbol cost so much to add to packaging?
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