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  • Ron L. 5 years ago
    They accept mixed recycle.
  • mary d. 5 years ago
    Paper products all together, then the rest can be mixed. Also we don't have specific recycle bins. I use the blue plastic bags i get from grocery shopping put my mixed recyclables in them. My husband gets big cardboard boxes from work we put paper products in them..
  • SONIA F. 6 years ago
    mixed recyclables
  • Audrey T. 6 years ago
    I live in a small city where we have mixed recycling. This doesn't include plastic bags which have to be taken to the stores that collect them.
  • jessica s. 6 years ago
    Rural upstate NY, we have mixed recycling, no need to pre-sort. When you take your trash and recycling to the town dump, there is a dumpster for recycling you empty your recycling into, and another separate dumpster for trash. There is a receptacle for redeemable cans and bottles for the local Boy scouts fundraising.
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