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  • Barbara W. 6 months ago
    with food on it ...oh yuck! I see people here throw away pizza boxes in the recycle???
  • Javier M. 7 months ago
    Well the new articles in this section are on pause again. Bummer.
  • John D. 8 months ago
    #3 for me as it takes me months to fill the giant cart (and in a tough spot to move). Roaches - ugh!
    Here they say a little grease on the pizza boxes is OK.
    • Donna D. 8 months ago
      I keep reading that Dominos says it's ok to put their pizza boxes in the recycle bins, but my city says no greasy pizza boxes in the recycle (if the top is free of grease, tear off the top and recycle while sending the greasy bottom to the landfill). I understand why people get so confused with recycling as we get conflicting information on the subject frequently.
    • Javier M. 7 months ago
      Love me some grease!
  • Javier M. 8 months ago
    Just lick it clean like I do. #LickIt
  • Phoenix B. 5 years ago
    I'm in an apartment complex and the recycling bin is routinely used as a second trash bin by most of the residents and is always contaminated by food waste and all kinds of things. Is there anything that can be done about this, like a number to report a need for more education needing to be sent out to this address or something? I feel like all our bins must be getting rejected at the recycle bank, despite all my household's efforts to do what's best for the planet.
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