Live Green and Earn Points


  • Amy Burison U. 4 months ago
    simplify . reduce stuff, reuse, upcycle and reuse. compost organic matter
  • Dale J. 1 year ago
    great content
  • Deborah W. 2 years ago
    Maybe more incineration is needed to relieve the loads of landfill. We are in a predicament.
  • Connie H. 2 years ago
    I always put my food scraps in my compost pile instead of putting it in the garbage can!
  • Suzanne L G. 2 years ago
    Silly, I know but I even recycle the paper and plastic bag from feminine products. I don't buy plastic bags but reuse the cereal liner in cereal to put things in I might ordinarily use a plastic bag for. I never use plastic bags in small trash cans. They are after all washable and don't really require a liner (I also live alone). Rarely do I not recycle all junk mail. Keep basket near my desk or area where I do bookeeping to recycle envelopes and papers I don't need to shred. All my plastic bags I can take to my local grocery store too a recycle bin. Reusable bags are always IN MY CAR. If they arent they won't get used. Still can't convince either of my daughters to do this but maybe a daughter-in -law can always hope! ;)
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