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  • Javier M. 1 month ago
    • Javier M. 1 month ago
      I meant to say that today and many other days I save the air pillows and use them for packing things I send to others. Hopefully the recipients also re-use or recycle!
  • Christine W. 2 months ago
    Where can I recycle to foam wrap used for packing dishes?
  • ALEX R. 5 months ago
    Where can i recycle the waxed carton minute maid juice boxes?
  • Sandy W. 5 months ago
    Where can I recycle the mess bags that held fruit such as mandarin oranges and other produce?
  • Corinne G. 6 months ago
    Hi, I sell items I am no longer using online and mail them to new owners. Any ideas as to where to find clean, used, free packing materials to use in my shipments?
    • Randolph R. 17 days ago
      The US Post Office will provide free shipping materials.
      Pick up at the Post Office or order online for home delivery!
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