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  • ALEX R. 1 month ago
    Where can i recycle the waxed carton minute maid juice boxes?
  • Sandy W. 1 month ago
    Where can I recycle the mess bags that held fruit such as mandarin oranges and other produce?
  • Corinne G. 2 months ago
    Hi, I sell items I am no longer using online and mail them to new owners. Any ideas as to where to find clean, used, free packing materials to use in my shipments?
  • PAULA DI B. 2 months ago
    Can I recycle dry cat food bags? There are no recycle symbols on any of the bags I've seen. I have one little cat so it doesn't make sense to buy large bags (to reduce the amount of packaging I use). Thanks!
  • Patti R. 2 months ago
    Any plastic wrappers with a recycling symbol can go back to the grocery stores in the plastic bag bin, according to the stores around me.
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