Live Green and Earn Points


  • Lisa S. 3 days ago
    What to do with thick non coated cardboard tube used for shipping product in glass bottle.
  • Karin F. 5 months ago
    Good to know! I re-use them when I ship my products to customers but sometimes they come flat- the air is lost.
  • ken d. 6 months ago
    How do I get my recycle bin number signed up to get credit for the recyclables I get picked up each week?
    • Javier J. 4 months ago
      I don't know about other cities, but Houston stopped participating in that some years ago.
    • Barbara B. 3 months ago
      Some places in Okla did also. I get no points for pickup for several years now! Just whatever points I can scrape up here online.
    • Barbara B. 2 months ago
      You should call your local hauler first and ask if they participate. If they do, they should turn it in here. The # here at Recycle bank is 1-888-726-2978
    • KENNETH- K. 2 months ago
      ken d... Orion Township participates. Customer service replied to my request and now receiving points.
  • zunaira k. 6 months ago
    i reuse it ship my products
  • Laurie M. 7 months ago
    The tape and paper tape used to seal up all those Amazon boxes...what to do with those?
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