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Where Should I Recycle Plastic Air Pillows?

By Recyclebank |
Plastic air pillows are great for securing goods during shipping, but they can’t go in your recycling bin. Still, you can rest easy with these tips.

Dear Recyclebank: I get a decent amount of these little air bags that are used for shipping. They have a RIC number 4 on them, but from what I understand these bags get caught in the machinery so they don't want them put in the bin. Can I drop them off at the supermarket bins that collect the plastic supermarket bags? –C. M.

Dear C. M.:
You’re absolutely right that plastic film can be hazardous to the machinery at most recycling centers. Air pillows are meant to be reused but, like bubble wrap, they can only be shipped (or stored in a closet) for so long before deflation eventually makes them useless.

As we touched on in our post about recycling the packaging for online orders, the bins you’re thinking of at your local supermarket are a good option for your air pillows. They collect a variety of plastic film products and do typically accept #4 plastic. You can use the Plastic Film Recycling Drop Off Directory, maintained by the American Chemistry Council, to locate a suitable drop-off point in your area.

Grocery stores drop-offs aren’t the only option, though. Packaging manufacturers like Sealed Air have mail-in recycling programs for their products. Just make sure to stick to their directions so the material is processed correctly. No matter how you choose to recycle, deflate the pillows first and make sure they don’t have any residue from tape or glue, as this can contaminate the recycling process. Also, keep in mind that if you receive air pillows labeled as “biodegradable” or “compostable,” these are generally not accepted for recycling.

With the plastics recycling rate still hovering around 30% in the U.S., every little bit helps. Recycle those air pillows once they’re past their prime and you can help push that rate higher.

SOURCES: Environmental Protection Agency

Which unusual packaging materials do you have questions about recycling? Ask us in the comments and we may address it in a future column!
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  • June S. 4 months ago
    I save it and reuse it! If the pillows go "flat", then I recycle with my plastic bags.
  • Audrey N. 4 months ago
    I put them with the bags at the grocery store.
  • Laurel B. 4 months ago
    We save and reuse them. If we happen to have too many on hand, I let my boys have fun popping them, then put the "empty bubbles" in the plastic bag recycling bag to take to the grocery store bag recycling bin.
  • Kristi M. 1 year ago
    We spray our windows with water and then put the bubble wrap on the window. It acts like an extra insulation on the windows and keeps out house warmer and we don't need to even use tape. We take it down in the Spring and reuse it again next year.
  • Cindy W. 1 year ago
    I save and reuse for sending gifts through the mail. I also use them to wrap around fragile seasonal items for storage.
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