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  • Barbara W. 5 months ago
    I kept my washer until it totally crashed. The new ones aren't built to last for about 8 years. My old one lasted 20 + years! still have an ancient dryer that is only used in coldest part of winter. I have a clothesline that I use about 9/10 months of the year
  • tommy b. 5 months ago
  • Barbara C. 8 months ago
    We have appliance pick up so the metal is recycled. Plus the new machines are nowhere as durable as the older ones. Planned obsolescence is annoying!
  • Patricia G. 9 months ago
    When it can no longer be repaired. Don't send them to landfills if they can be repaired.
    • Steven S. 5 months ago
      Problem is a lot of the time it cost more for the repair than buying something new.....I had my old machine 10 years old broke - repair was $300 for another $300 have a new one....and of course fix one thing another thing breaks.

      why it's good being handy knowing how to fix them yourself...only needing the part and not paying for the labor.
  • Chris G. 9 months ago
    I replace mine when my brothers can't fix it anymore then I look around for another used one. The older ones last 20-30 years and the last new one I bought didn't even last 5 years and they told me that it wasn't made to last forever. Ever since I have bought used ones. I paid $25 for my last one and it has lasted me 10 years now. I only use cold and we make sure to use the correct water level every time. We hang our clothes on the line, on the deck, or on our laundry stands we brought back from the PX overseas. We only use the dryer when we have to. I WILL NEVER EVER BUY A FRONT LOADER. I grew up with them when we were stationed overseas and I HATE them.
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