Live Green and Earn Points


  • John W. 1 month ago
    As I write this in Oklahoma, the temperature is cold but my compost piles and bins are still working and warm because, on some mild-temperature days, the contents have been turned, moistened like a sponge, and given green weeds and, if needed, a little nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Betty K. 4 months ago
    Can plastic forks, etc. be put in with recycling if the plastic wrap is removed first?
  • Joseph B. 4 months ago
    glad you set me straight on recycling paper.
  • joanna l. 6 months ago
    When I learned the fact that shredded paper is not good for recycling, I wondered what to do with documents that I had to shred, like bank records...I checked the website for my city and luckily they accept it. It can be mixed with other paper but not put in a plastic bag by itself.
    • joanna l. 6 months ago
      I am saying that you should start by checking with your city to find out if and how you should recycle items. I also learned that the backs of labels are not accepted in nyc.
  • Cheryl T. 6 months ago
    If worried about contamination of paper, I use a glass jar with a lid for old used oil. when 2/3 of the way filled I insert old receipts, used paper towels and napkins into the jar to absorb the oil before placing it into an old supermarket plastic bag the placing it into the garbage. This slows the contamination of oil in the landfills.
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