Live Green and Earn Points


  • Julie R. 1 month ago
    My wire hangers I make plant trellises for my Hoya plants the same with plastic if they break I turn them into trellises for my HOYAS
  • Ina S. 2 months ago
    Our building give wire hangers a second life. We have a hook in the trash room on each floor. The custodian collects the hangers and, once there is a critical mass, our local dry cleaners are happy to accept them for a second use. It's not a perfect system, but a second life is better than none!
    Ina Selden
  • Emily B. 5 months ago
    Donate old but usable hangars to consignment shops or clothing swap shops
  • Susan M. 2 years ago
    We donate to several organizations such as winter coat drives, shelters, and churches.
  • Dry C. 2 years ago
    It's funny all these comments are saying give them to a dry cleaners but I work at a dry cleaners and I'm trying to figure out what to do with them. Goodwill next to me said they don't take them.
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