Live Green and Earn Points


  • Mary J. 2 years ago
    You have offered a suggestion of buying poly, cashmere or wool clothes that can be folded. This is a terrible idea! Most of our clothes are already made from polyester or polyester blends. Polyester is made from oil! We need to halt the production of oil in order to reverse climate change. Cashmere and wool are natural fibers from sheep and goats. These animals suffer terribly in the fiber industry. They are treated as just another commodity. The only way to go is clothing made from organic cotton.
  • Rick M. 2 years ago
    You fucking idiots they are worth money at the recycle center . why are you all stupid!
  • Julie R. 2 years ago
    My wire hangers I make plant trellises for my Hoya plants the same with plastic if they break I turn them into trellises for my HOYAS
  • Ina S. 2 years ago
    Our building give wire hangers a second life. We have a hook in the trash room on each floor. The custodian collects the hangers and, once there is a critical mass, our local dry cleaners are happy to accept them for a second use. It's not a perfect system, but a second life is better than none!
    Ina Selden
  • Emily B. 2 years ago
    Donate old but usable hangars to consignment shops or clothing swap shops
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