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  • Tanya T. 7 months ago
    Thank you! I've had this question for years!
  • Alyssa A. 1 year ago
    It's really important not to just dump leftover paint -- about 80 million gallons of paint go unused every year (, and paint waste can be really damaging to the environment. Instead of throwing away, save your paint in an airtight container and set it aside for some creative projects! Some ideas:

    -- Refinish some old furniture
    -- Repaint your walls
    -- Make a painted wood sculpture or DIY decor sign
    -- Paint garden planters or pots
    -- Save for another day
  • i k. 3 years ago
    I use it to refresh any old outdoor decoration; bird baths, mailbox post, shutters, trim, etc. It not avoids the paint from getting into the dump, but also serves to refresh tired eyesores.
  • Linda J T. 4 years ago
    mix them together to created your own color.
  • Michelle M. 4 years ago
    Paint cannot be "donated to Habitat for Humanity" - they no longer accept it since too much of it was no good. However, for those on the East Coast, a new company called Yuck Old Paint ( 1-888-509-YUCK) is available to pick up your paint, usable or not, from homes and businesses. They work with various markets to put the paint back to Reuse (better than Recycling!) in Community Beautification, Humanitarian Construction projects, and Theater productions! If the paint is not still good, they process it for appropriate legal disposal.
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