Live Green and Earn Points


  • JC G. 1 year ago
    For my bro's who lift - turn that old favorite shirt into a stringer:
  • Dianne L. 2 years ago
    100% cotton fabric can be composted.
  • Sparks N. 2 years ago
    It would help if your 'clothing recycling locator' didn't lead to a 404 error page. Goodwill in my area WILL NOT take worn out clothing to be recycled. All in all, this article is utterly useless.
    • Susanne S. 2 years ago
      Gentle reader, did you realize this article is four years old? In the intervening years, they have stopped taking rags because there is currently no end user.
    • Alysa A. 2 years ago
      Yes the article clearly needs updating, it should not just live out here w/ information that can no longer be used. I have also found places that used to recycle unusable materials in my area no longer seem to do this.
  • joanna l. 2 years ago
    Check out the companies who put clothing donation bins at the supermarket or laundromat...I am lucky they they do recycle fabrics so its easy for me to drop off when I am doing my shopping (Put them in a bag labeled "please recycle")
    • joanna l. 2 years ago
      I wont make a special trip with my car to recycle fabrics (that's crazy)
    • Liam L. 5 months ago
      How about taking this approach: Get some of your neighbors, friends, & other people to gather their UNWEARABLE clothing & other fabrics, and when one of you makes a trip to the groc. store or elsewhere, you can drop off these items----a very good deed to help the environment, AND make great use of something that will otherwise contribute to adding to our already overflowing landfills!! It's not that difficult to be conscientious about helping the environment.
  • Lynn M. 3 years ago
    certain clothes that are worn out can be ripped in strips and used as tomato plant ties. You can use old sweaters to make a dog bed out of it.... check on-line for directions. I use old towels to put on my car seats when my dog rides along with me. Also, some of my old clothes that are not worth donating, gets used as rags. Better to be practical than waste. Oh.... one more thing that I can think of is that I have used some clothes for making doll clothes for my grand daughter. It was not exactly Barbie doll quality, but she loved it and was thankful and happy with what I had given her and it made me happy too.
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