Live Green and Earn Points


  • Jenna W. 5 months ago
    Pleeeeeeease don’t just recycle them unused!!!! Who cares if you have too many lids? Eventually the used cups will catch up to the lids as long as you don’t buy more!!! Recycling the lids without even having bothered to use them at all will cause so much MORE harm to the environment!!!
  • Rebecca D. 6 months ago
    Use them for so many things. Growing small plants in the house they are great as saucers. Catches all the water and does not destroy my shelves. Like large plastic ones that come with whipped cream tubs.
    • Jenna W. 5 months ago
      Coffee cup lids have little holes in them to drink the coffee through and also are usually not level. Disposable plastic coffee cup lids wouldn’t work for this.
  • BettyAnn L. 7 months ago
    My photos are downloaded to electronic devices
  • Lesia D. 8 months ago
    The biodegradable coffee lids great idea.
  • Dawn C. 8 months ago
    Stop buying coffee in disposable cups. Invest in a nice travel mug. Most places will give you a discount for using a reusable mug, and the coffee will stay hot longer.
    • Lesia D. 8 months ago
      I support all 100%
    • Jenna W. 5 months ago
      I support this also, but it is a church. The coffee is usually free at churches. And while it would be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING if everyone on earth would use reusable water bottle, coffee mugs, etc... I’m sure it may never happen... unless it were SOMEHOW forced... taxed extra maybe in restaurants, coffee shops, etc., if you don’t have your own cup?
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