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  • Carrie P. 5 months ago
    I go through once a year and cancel lots of junk mail stuff. It isn’t necessary, especially when I can look online. So wasteful!
  • THERESA A. 1 year ago
    I use junk mail for collage. When my neighbor's little granddaughter comes over she uses my kid safety scissors for cutting her favorite 'letters" for spelling her name and the rest of her family's names. She gets a glue stick and some old booklet paper to create. She also cuts child friendly, houses, animals to glue on the booklet paper. It can keep children very busy and enhance their creativity.
  • Toni J. 1 year ago
    I like crafting. I will use junkmail in my junk journals.
  • Jeffrey C. 3 years ago
    good job
  • Marie W. 3 years ago
    This is my basic process for reducing/stopping junk mail (I receive NO junk mail - took at least 5 years to accomplish - well worth the effort)

    Check your free credit reports and choose ONE name to use for every account (mortgage, credit cards, car loans, loans, etc.) Correct any misspellings/variations of your name/address by calling/writing each account directly. After correcting with each account - contact credit bureaus and ask for the old misspellings/variations to be removed from your credit report. Your goal is to have a credit report with one name and one current address listed. I would also recommend removing any phone numbers from your credit reports as well.

    Add yourself to the Direct Marketing removal lists ( &
    Add ALL name variations (married/maiden), past addresses, phone numbers). Be warned you may start receiving new junk mail after doing this but at least ALL your mail is coming to you and NOT your old addresses.

    Add yourself to opt out prescreen (pre-approved credit card and insurance offers). Option of 5 years or permanent. Phone number 1.888.567.8688.

    DO NOT fill out a "permanent change of address" with the post office - Instead use "temporary change of address". Good for 6 months and renew for another 6 months. The permanent change of address form is how your junk mail follows you - it adds you to the NCOA (national change of address) database. You can contact the USPS to be removed from this database. This list is loaned to companies for their use - they must have your old address in order to receive the new address info.

    DO NOT write RTS on mail and return it. Most companies have a one time use list and can own any name that responds to the junk mail. The name/address becomes "property" from the rented list if you respond.

    I have many more tips if interested email me at removemyinfo80@gm***.com
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