Live Green and Earn Points


  • Julie R. 14 days ago
    Wow really ❤️
  • karen k. 21 days ago
    Break in small pieces for stepping stone decorating
  • ava o. 22 days ago
    I break the china plates up and make designs in the garden around plants... etc.
  • Brandee S. 23 days ago
    If I chip a plate, I sand down the jagged edge & paint a pretty picture on it. Sometimes I use them for gifts (with cookies....) or I'll hang it on the wall. For cups/mugs I paint these too. If the item is cleas I'll use stained glass paint and I'll us these as flower planters or to put pens I put colored duct tape at the top, don't want to get cut!!
  • Karen N. 27 days ago
    Houseplants plants in pots with drainage holes in them require something to keep all the solid from falling out the bottom - this is called “crocking” because it often means putting a broken bit of crockery across the hole. Unfortunately one broken plate can do a lot of pots. In addition, chipped plates or saucers are great under those same pots to catch drainage.
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