Live Green and Earn Points


  • Barbara W. 6 days ago
    I tried to repair a few small bowls but did Not do a good job. I guess I just don't have the nack. I am using chipped plates under plants.
  • William W. 6 days ago
    It costs more to repair - have you priced the paint and epoxy? I use chiped dishes for my plants, jewelry, keys etc.
    • Laurel L. 6 days ago
      Exactly! Sometimes the tips here are not practical or don't make sense from a financial or safety standpoint, and that's ok; it is perfectly fine to throw things in the trash, if they are indeed trash.
  • tommy b. 6 days ago
  • Randy F. 7 days ago
    Some Really Good Ideas Here!
  • ALEX R. 4 months ago
    I saw a yard that had plates & saucers upright to edge the flower beds around the front of house. I always look at thrift stores for ones I can use that way. Chipped would be perfect. I drink out of Anchor Hocking green Charm cup and saucer at work every day. It is from the 30's and I love it. I also have the plate that goes with it that I eat lunch off sometimes. I have paper clips on my desk in some chinaware from the 1800's. I love reusing vintage pieces whenever I can.
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