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  • Elisabeth M. 11 days ago
    Has anyone ever received a reply from Recyclebank help desk ?
  • Barbara W. 11 days ago
    I need some suggestions: When you finish the bottle of canola cooking oil, how do you clean it properly to recycle the plastic bottle? .......Oily, oily, OILY!
    • John J. 11 days ago
      Check with your recycler but I suspect a bottle shaking rinse with hot water and a touch of soap is sufficient; the shaking rinse is optimum less than half full so the fluid can slosh around in there. Also check if they let you put the cap back on the empties.
    • Barbara W. 11 days ago
      I was afraid I might be wasting too much hot water, ( or getting it hot ).
      I might be able to scoop some of the hot water from the dishpan before I start washing them, and put it in the oil bottle.
  • Barbara W. 11 days ago
    I am " LIKING" Diane's T. older "Hello everyone" so that if she is indeed locked out she will still get a notification in her e-mail and can at least come and read what we are writing, by linking directly to the article. ( I've been there done that ).
    You might want to do the same to help her and know we care too.
  • Barbara W. 11 days ago
    Late Last night I got on the wrong article for today?????
    So this is the 10-point one, I thought we had the same one 2 days in a row, Wrong! Not thats is not possible, crazier things have happened.
  • randy f. 11 days ago

    Yesterday's evening News had a segment on a new way if dealing with used glass bottles. While I personally believe it is criminal & insane to landfill glass bottles, many cities ditch them ) √:
    So a while back a gal & guy pooled their funds and started warehousing tons of bottles . . . fast forward to save my fingers: they've grown into a business that pulverizes or mills the glass and they fill bags and make FLOOD BARRIERS for New Orleans Louisiana!
    Since sand is a more limited resource and glass is so picky when remelting (different glass-different melting points etc.) it seems to be a win, win, win scenario.
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