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  • the g. 2 years ago
    100% cotton tshirts and socks are becoming less frequent. they are mixed with polyester these days.
  • Heather B. 2 years ago
    Organic cotton, yes! Also, keep us up-to-date on the worst fabrics, like microfleece and other plastic fibers that contaminate our water ways with plastics. So funny, how we all touted recycling plastic into things like fabrics,but later it was found out that it’s still just more plastic entering our environment different ways... through our washing machine and dryer!
  • Diana R. 2 years ago
    I'm glad you mentioned recycling your clothing. If it is still wearable - donate it to a thrift store or give it away on sites like Freecycle. We also take clothing that is too worn to donate to a textile recycling program. Of course, some items like old t-shirts and cotton socks are great for cleaning projects around the house!
  • Lynne H. 2 years ago
    Please do NOT throw away your mascara wands. Instead, clean JUST THE WAND with dawn soap, place them in a ziploc bag and mail them to a Wildlife Refuge accepting donations. These little wands are able to be upcycled to clean away oil, larvae, fly eggs, mites, infections, mud and other contaminants from wildlife. Works great for medical care and wound treatment

    Pick your refuge to mail to:

    Appalachian Wild
    P.O. Box 1211
    Skyland NC 28776


    Wildlife Wands
    P.O. Box 1586
    Southwick, MA 01077.
  • Bob E. 2 years ago
    Why would other cotton farmers use more water + insecticides + chemical fertilizers. They follow the money for sure.
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