Live Green and Earn Points


  • O P. 2 months ago
    I have collected bottle caps because Corpus does Not recycle them. Hate to throw them away. But I like the mosaic idea. Maybe on a canvas . Maybe will do and hang in my garage.
  • Barbara R. 2 months ago
    I met a woman on our local FB pay it forward site who has a home daycare & was looking for bottle caps to use for "paint compartments" for the kids to use. She's going to glue them to a larger disposable surface & let each kid have their own "palette" to pour paint into from larger bottles. I've been saving the caps from prescription, juice, & water bottles for several months now.
  • Mykyta R. 3 months ago
    Thanks again)
  • Donna R. 3 months ago
    A friend of mine collects these for her daughter's school. They are then used to make buddy benches. All of us at work donate them to her.
    • Lucy L. 13 days ago
      Same in this area. Local Kiwanis club shepherds the Buddy Bench project and some local businesses contribute transpo costs, etc.
  • Scout T. 3 months ago
    Recology asks us to leave plastic caps on plastic bottles but won’t accept any plastic cap or lid by itself that’s less than 4” in diameter. My community is buying a Terracycle box designed specifically for recycling bottle caps.
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