Live Green and Earn Points


  • Julie R. 3 months ago
    When my gson grows out if his car seats I drop off at local fire station
  • Joseph B. 3 months ago
    Don't do as they do here and throw them in someone's yard!
  • R. R. 3 months ago
    Target just had a recycling drive and offered a 20% discount towards a new car seat, and there was a sale on top of that. Kudos to Target.
  • Heather B. 3 months ago
    A big problem in society is that manufacturers of durable goods and electronics are not required to take used products back for recycling or proper disposal. They can produce all sorts of items that will have to be tossed out due to planned obsolescence and it then becomes the problem of the individual to try to struggle to deal with the items “responsibly”.
  • vonda H. 3 months ago
    As long as only one year old pass to next child
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