Live Green and Earn Points


  • Blair B. 2 months ago
    Compost them! We love the compost that they make for our family garden!
  • Michael C. 2 months ago
    I take all of my leaves to the High Plains Food Bank in Amarillo, where they use them to make compost for their gardens. This helps them to produce more vegetables for the 120+ programs, such as Snakpak4Kids, Kids Café, the many food distribution points, spread out over the 29 counties of the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles.

    I just took them 5-33 gallon trash bags, full of crushed leaves, weighing about 35 pounds each. And I will have about 2 more bags when I am done.
  • Jennifer s. 2 months ago
    We actually did nothing one year just to see what would happen.after the last freeze we raked them up and to our surprise we had the only green lawn in the neighborhood.
  • Ward D. 3 months ago
    We live in a forest and the quantity of leaves is huge. So I blow them back into the forest -- and the layer of leaves =, mulch, compost, etc. from years of doing this, is now at least a foot deep! The fun part is that the forest supports deer, and small beasts -- rabbits, chipmunks groundhogs, turkeys, etc. -- no predators tho.
  • Gina M. 3 months ago
    I thought burning them was ok, now I know I need to mulch them.
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