Live Green and Earn Points


  • Randy F. 19 days ago
    To The Anonymous Author & All

    This conversation IS Very Important. However, upon looking at this article fresh, after several readings I thought it might be a good time to remind EACH PERSON to use Their Own Brain in coming to conclusions and making decisions in life: so many things in "The Media" have their ($ometimes Biased) opinions focused on one thought, fact, opinion when there may be many factors or possibilities involved in an issue. On this one topic of a broad spectrum of possibilities, it seems important to remind & remember that even unrecyclable things have A Place - it's not on the ground, on the beach, or in the water. For the time being it is in recycled / upcycled products or the landfill.
    While plastic straws may not have a place in the world's future, the straw company didn't shove the straw up the turtles' nose - some inconsiderate person, refuse company, ocean liner, or village/town/city is most likely responsible.
    Without bringing up other like topics, people need to articulate their own opinions, stop being "blind" followers, & learn to look at the big (whole) picture.
  • Kathy M. 25 days ago
    Request "No straw" when purchasing a drink.
    • Randy F. 19 days ago
      Good Point! Sometimes you have to request that in the same breath as the order or the speedy attendant will StRaW you before you can blink an eye!
  • Thomas M. 27 days ago
    I bought stainless steel straws that I reuse
  • rhonda r. 1 month ago
    I didn’t know why straws were being banned but figured it was for a good reason. I didn’t see the viral video of the sea turtle as I’m very sensitive to suffering. I agree wholeheartedly we are causing unnecessary havoc for other creatures as in the cases of marine life caught in fishing nets, left to die.
  • Scott M. 1 month ago
    We give straws back to the servers in a restaurant.
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