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  • Mary W. 1 year ago
    Disposable - The Way Forward, see why here:
  • Chris G. 1 year ago
    I love my melamine dishes. They were my grandmothers and we use them all the time. I hand wash my dishes as my dishwasher died and I haven't been able to afford another one yet. Looking for one on freecycle.
  • Troy H. 2 years ago
    You forgot the damage caused by WASHING your plastic plates. They are far more energy-intensive to manufacture than paper plates/cups. Several studies have found you'd need to machine-wash that plasticwear close to 1000 times, to makeup for the energy wasted during manufacture. If used less than 1000 times, paper is actually the cleaner alternative. (If you hand-wash your plasticwear, then it will always be more polluting, because handwashing is water & heat wasteful.) LONGTERM EFFECTS: You might reuse your plastic plates for pottery or whatever, but will the next generation? Doubtful. Where paper plates eventually rot, plastic plates will eventually join the giant "plastic garbage" in the Pacific, or takeup room in a landfill for the next million years.
  • Jacquie I. 3 years ago
    I believe a company called Preserve makes a wide selection of reuseable and single-use dinnerware. They are made from recycled polypropylene (#5) and have recycling programs where you can send back their products for recycling. They are a certified B Corporation and have very high safety standards. On top of that, their designs are very high quality.
  • Ava J. 3 years ago
    I love it because MADE IN USA.If its made in CHINA we put it back if possible.Wish everyone would.Cost a little more but so worth it.Someone has a job today in USA
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