Live Green and Earn Points


  • Ernestine M. 4 years ago
    love them cakes and cupcakes just slip out.
  • Lisa W. 4 years ago
    Interesting article!
  • Audrey V. 4 years ago
    I am still not sure of its safety so I am waiting a while to see if any bad results show up.
  • Melissa H. 4 years ago
    I make melt and pour soap, so I have a collection of thrifted silicone soap molds as well as new ones. I don't see myself stopping this hobby (I can make the nicest, prettiest soaps for all of my family's needs and for gifts).
  • Mary S. 4 years ago
    I use silicone molds to make frozen treats for my dogs and I also have silicone spatulas which I love!
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