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  • Barbara W. 1 month ago
    Does anyone else have this problem? I wrote a Help ticket 9 days ago-- NO answer. I called their 1-888 # got the standard recording of choices, Press 0 for agent BUSY. Tried again later "twice" and the recording cut off???????????????? Is anyone Home?
  • Barbara W. 1 month ago
    I do not use trash bags, I break up all the limbs by hand or use loopers on something bigger. It has to fit in the poly cart. Every so often I put dish soap in empty cart and hose out. I mulch the leaves it is good for the grass.
  • Peg R. 8 months ago
    We have to bag our yard trash in order for it to be picked up. (They won't pick up trash piles.) Unfortunately, it all goes in the regular trash truck to go to the landfill. Whenever possible, we put yard trash in our regular trash receptacle or if not, we save and use bags we get from Lowes that contain mulch and dirt. When we used to take our trash to the dump, we took it in bags but emptied it out of the bags and into the yard trash container. We brought the bags back home and used them over and over again until they practically fell apart.
    • Peg R. 8 months ago
      We always save leaves and grass clippings as mulch for our garden so those don't get thrown out.
    • Chris C. 8 months ago
      Peg, you might want to check around with landscaping companies in your area. Often times, they will accept grass clippings, leaves and sticks to use in their our mulch-making. Of course you have to drop it off at their facility, and you obviously have to follow their rules of what is and isn't acceptable. Nevertheless, I think it's a pretty good solution to the problem of yard waste disposal. A win-win for everyone!
    • Peg R. 8 months ago
      We do use the grass clippings and leaves ourselves for our garden. Along with our kitchen composting, we have very rich soil that doesn't need amending. The sticks are a different matter along with dead plants, many of which are not suitable for composting such as last year's tomato plants. You have a good idea for those who generate a fair amount of yard waste but don't have flower and garden beds.
  • tommy b. 8 months ago
  • Barbara W. 10 months ago
    I have not used trash bags in YEARS, I mulch the leaves with the mower. Regular Trash goes in bagless, or in ones that can't be re-cycled. I air out the main pickup container....... then only rinsing in summer when ABSOLUTELY necessary.
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