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  • Barbara W. 1 month ago
    I have a filter that hooks onto the faucet rather than buying bottled water. I do buy some for Tornado season to keep on hand. Also buy some when they put some type of chemicals in our water tower once a year, for a MONTH long.( they let us know- but SAY it safe to drink ---RIGHT)!
  • Karin B. 1 month ago
    A local school made a great sign for their nature center out of bottle caps.
  • Mike O. 2 months ago
    Deck chairs, gun cases....made from recycled Plastic...
  • Mary P. 3 months ago
    I thought it was so the small pieces wouldn't jam up the equipment.
  • Cindy W. 3 months ago
    The recyclers in our town want us to keep the caps on pop bottles. Why would they want that if the plastic caps are a different plastic than the bottle?
    • John J. 3 months ago
      Mine too. I'm assuming it's the same plastic but looks different to us.
    • Susie S. 3 months ago
      I’ve wondered about this too.
    • Hana H. 3 months ago
      I've never even thought about removing caps or tops. Plus, can get so much contamination, dirt, etc in bottle while stored w other things, when in factory, etc.
    • John J. 3 months ago
      And/or it may be easier to sort for some facilities (i.e. instead of them getting mixed with all of the other little stuff).
      Then there's all those little rings stuck on the bottles...
    • Sylvia S. 3 months ago
      Our recycler makes us take the caps off. Which are then tossed!
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